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Am ddim Croeseiriau Saesneg-Cymraeg

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English-Welsh crosswords. The clues in English but the answers in Welsh. There is a new crossword every day for free.

Croeseiriau Saesneg-Cymraeg. Mae'r cliwiau yn Saesneg ond mae'r atebion yn Gymraeg. Mae croesair newydd bob dydd am ddim.

Click in a square to pop up a keyboard. The special "#" button fills in the answer for that square. Also, the "Del" button deletes any letter already in a grid.

Cliciwch mewn sgwâr i ddangos bysellfwrdd. Mae'r "#" botwm arbennig yn rhoi'r ateb yn y sgwâr. Mae'r "Del" botwm yn gwagio'r sgwâr.

About the Puzzles

This website generates a new crossword every day.

The vocabulary is restricted to "learners" vocab so there shouldn't be any archaic or obscure words.

I originally created the software for entering a learners competition where you were asked to create a crossword. I didn't win.

I have since modified the program to create the bilingual crosswords that you see today.

Please use them and enjoy them! You are welcome to use them as long as you're not making money out of them.

If you want to use them in a profit-making situation, please contact me first.

About the Author

The crossword generation software is written and maintained by Patrick Cain.

Patrick has a degree in Computer Science and more than twenty years of being employed as a computer programmer, mainly for questionnaires and market research written in C++ for Windows.

He moved to Newtown, Powys in 2005 for a better location for his wife's failing health and to be closer to his parents.

Patrick started learning Welsh in 2008 and has been steadily progressing through the adult education course provided by Prifysgol Aberystwyth.

As an accomplised software writer and a keen Welsh learner, Patrick is very interested in writing more Welsh-based software and would love to hear from anyone wanting to turn an idea into a reality.

Where is Here?

"Here" is Newtown in Powys.

"Yma" ydy y Drenewydd ym Mhowys

Newtown is the largest town in Powys and has a reputation for "doing its own thing" in entrepreneurial style.

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I am happy here.


Please leave me a message.

I'd love to hear what you think of these crosswords.

Let me know if you want to use them elsewhere.

Please also contact me if you have another possible idea that I can help with.